The website’s author, Dr. Piers Connor, has written a number of published books, articles and papers.


Designing & Managing Urban Railways, Editor, with N. G. Harris and F. Schmid, published by A & N Harris, London, 2015.

The London Underground Electric Train, published by Crowood Press, London, 2015.


For Underground News:

London SSL Resignalling in Trouble - January 2014

For Modern Railways magazine:

Southern Class 377/6 Takes Shape - March 2013

Deep Tube Transformation - January 2013

S Stock Deliveries Suspended - January 2012

Now for the Northern – Another Underground upgrade gets into its stride - December 2011

Blackpool hosts Flexity 2 launch - October 2011

London Underground gets more automated - July 2011

Making the most of existing capacity - October 2010

Dilemmas on doors - January 2011

For Railway Technology Magazine: 

"Station design Issues: A Primer" co-author with Prof. Felix Schmid


Prestige Lecture:

The Gibb Report - An Assessment - Prestige Lecture, University of Birmingham, 3rd October 2017. 

Conference papers: 

High Speed Railway Capacity - Understanding the factors affecting capacity limits for a high speed railway. - 1964-2014 High Speed Rail: Celebrating Ambition. University of Birmingham, 8-10 December 2014.

"Going Underground" Conference paper: 

A Job for Life: Changes seen in a 50-year career on London Underground 1916-1966

Author’s Papers:

PhD Thesis

Platform Protection Systems

Passenger Vehicle Capacity

Metro Operations Planning

The Collapse of London's PPP

Railway Stations - Design & Operation

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