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Railway Technical Web Pages, a site packed with articles about railways, covering technical, operational and financial issues. Although we have recently rebuilt the site, regular readers will still see the same basic structure underneath the new face and we have retained the original page names to help you find your way to pages you might want to reference again.


We publish Infopapers on specific subjects from time to time. The Infopapers List indexes what is currently available.

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We update the site regularly. There are technical updates on our Blog and site updates are listed on our Updates Page.

What We Offer

We include a wide range of subjects - planning, finance, operation, design, systems, engineering, production and maintenance. Both technical and operation aspects are covered. There's plenty of pictures and graphics. There is also some information about steam locomotives, including a steam glossary and an explanation of locomotive wheel arrangement descriptions.

In our articles, we use the UK railway system as the base technology but there are also articles and information about other systems, like the US, as appropriate.  Articles and glossaries are provided for a range of subjects.

Using the site


The main subjects are listed in the left hand link column.  Subjects listed as "....Pages" have several pages covering various aspects of that subject.

Small comp-02.gif Diagrams like this one are provided throughout the articles to show sections of infrastructure, plans of stations, railway signs, signals, features and how equipment works.  This diagram is an sample schematic of the pneumatic auxiliary equipment on a train and is described fully in an article on this site here.

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..... are provided on this links page to take you to a number of sites with specialist information in many countries around the world including the USA, France, Germany, Japan, Spain and the UK.  Click on this photo and it will take you to a page of links about High Speed Trains.


A number of contributors have already provided excellent articles and photos for this site, and we will be pleased to consider new material for publication here.

Books, Articles & Papers

The webmaster has written a number of published books, articles and papers.


Book: Designing & Managing Urban Railways, Editor, with N. G. Harris and F. Schmid, published by A & N Harris, London, 2015.

Book: The London Underground Electric Train, published by Crowood Press, London, 2015.

Articles & Papers....

Conference paper: 1964-2014 High Speed Rail: Celebrating Ambition. University of Birmingham, 8-10 December 2014:

High Speed Railway Capacity - Understanding the factors affecting capacity limits for a high speed railway. - December 2014

High Speed Railway Capacity Presentation

Underground News:

SSL Resignalling in Trouble - January 2014

SSL Resignalling Round Again - February 2014

and Modern Railways:

Southern Class 377/6 Takes Shape - March 2013

Deep Tube Transformation - January 2013

S Stock Deliveries Suspended - January 2012

Now for the Northern – Another Underground upgrade gets into its stride - December 2011

Blackpool hosts Flexity 2 launch - October 2011

London Underground gets more automated - July 2011

Making the most of existing capacity

Dilemmas on doors

and in Railway Technology Magazine: "Station design Issues: A Primer" co-author with Prof. Felix Schmid

"Going Underground" Conference paper: A Job for Life: Changes seen in a 50-year career on London Underground 1916-1966

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