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All modules in the series MEC6202CT to MEC6209CT of the MSc programme in Railway Systems Engineering are available as Continuous Professional Development (CPD) units.  However, CPD participants are expected to contribute fully to all activities associated with the programme.  All modules apart from MEC6202CT run from Monday 09:00 to Friday 16:00 and are presented at the University of Birmingham.  Module MEC6202CT runs from Friday 09:00 to Friday 16:00.  The modules include a group exercise to review the materials learnt, a class test on Friday to test understanding, assignments (home work) and a 2 hour examination in March or April.

The cost includes the full week's tuition (approximately 35h), assessment of assignments, tests and exams, all teaching materials, tutorial support, excursions and some refreshments.  In general, CPD participants will need to have a degree in a numerate subject or equivalent professional experience at an appropriate level.

The programme director, Dr. Felix Schmid  will advise on suitable qualifications.

The modules are as follows:

MEC6202CT: Part 1: Introduction Days

MEC6202CT: Part 2: Rail Operations & Management

MEC6203CT: Mechanical Aspects of Railway Systems

MEC6204CT: Fundamentals of Railway Traction Systems

MEC6205CT: Systems Engineering for Dependability

MEC6206CT: Infrastructure & Track Systems

MEC6207CT: Signalling Systems & Train Control

MEC6208CT: Railway Technology Strategy & Economics

MEC6209CT: Ergonomic Aspects of Railway Systems

More details on each module are here

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