Acronyms and Abbreviations for Railways


This list was originally produced by the Railway Systems Group at the University of Sheffield in co-operation with Railtrack and other organisations.  Experts at the University of Sheffield now update the list on a regular basis.  Obsolete Railtrack terminology is shown in brackets where known.  This is version 15 of this document.

The underlined tag at the end of an entry "RT" signifies definition contributed by Railtrack, "RailCons" signifies that a definition was contributed by The Railway Consultancy Ltd, "UoS" signifies a definition contributed by The University of Sheffield.  Comments and feedback are welcomed by:

Further information is available at:
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AAR – American Association of Railroads UoS AB – Absolute BlockRT ABC – Automatic Ballast CleanerRT

ABCL – Automatic Barrier level Crossing Locally monitored by train crewRT

AC (ac) – Alternating CurrentRT

ACCOLC – ACCess OverLoad ControlRT

ACE – Area Civil EngineerRT

ACIO – Assistant Chief Inspecting Officer (of Railways)RT

ACM – (1) Area Consents Manager, (2) Area Contracts ManagerRT

ACOP – Approved Code of PracticeRT

ACORP – Association of Community Rail Partnerships

ACT – Advanced Corporation TaxRT

ACWP – Actual Cost of Work PerformedRT

AD&R – Asset Development and RenewalRT

ADD – Automatic Dropping DeviceRT

ADG – Area Delivery GroupRT

ADR – regulations concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by RoadRT

ADRC – Access Dispute Resolution CommitteeRT

AE – Account ExecutiveRT

AEA – Atomic Energy AuthorityRT

AEAT – AEA Technology plc.RT

AEAT Rail – The Former British Rail ResearchRT

AEEU – Amalgamated Electrical Engineering UnionRT

AEM – Area Environmental ManagerRT

AF – (1) Auxiliary Feeder, (2) Audio FrequencyRT

AFC – (1) Anticipated Final Cost, (2) Approved for ConstructionRT

AFD – Automatic Fire DetectionRT

AFFF – Aqueous Film Forming Foam (used in fire extinguishers)RT

AGT – Automatic Guideway TransitUoS

AHB – Automatic Half Barrier level crossingRT

AHBC – Automatic Half Barrier CrossingRT

AHBLC – Automatic Half Barrier Level CrossingRT

AHQ – British Transport Police Area HeadquartersRT

AIM – Asset Information ManagerRT

AIP – (1) Approval In Principle, (2) Area Investment PanelRT

ALARP – As Low As Reasonably PracticableRT

ALC – (1) Automatic Lining Control RT, (2) Accommodation Level CrossingRT

ALG – Association of London GovernmentRT

ALRMS – Access Level crossing Risk Management SystemRT

AM – Amplitude ModulationUoS

AMP – (1) Asset Maintenance Programme, (2) Asset Management PlanRT

AMS – Austenitic Manganese SteelRT

AMU – Access Management UnitRT

ANSI – American National Standards InstituteUoS

AOCL – Automatic Open level Crossing Locally monitored by train crewRT

AOCR – Automatic Open level Crossing Remotely monitoredRT

AP – Accounts Payable RT

AP TDM – AP Electronics, Time Division MultiplexRT

APC – Automatic Power ControlRT

API – Applications Interface UoS

APLAN – track Access PLANning systemRT

APM – (1) Area Production Manager, (2) Assistant Project ManagerRT

APP – Annual Possession PlanRT

APT – Advanced Passenger TrainRT

AQL – Acceptable Quality LevelRT

AR – (1) Anglia Railways Train Services, (2) Accounts ReceivableRT

AREA – or AREMA American Rail Engineers and Maintenance AssociationUoS

ARI – Alphanumeric Route Indicator RT

ARPS – Association of Railway Preservation SocietiesRT

ARRC – Advanced Railway Research Centre UoS

ARS – Automatic Route SettingRT

ARTP – Association of Rail Training ProvidersRT

ASAP – As Soon As PossibleRT

ASB – (1) AS Built, (2) Adjacent SignalBoxRT

ASBPC – Adjacent SignalBox Protocol ConverterRT

ASLEF – Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen.RT

ASPER – ASset PERformance databaseRT

AT – Auto TransformerRT

ATA – Automatic Track Alignment RT

ATC – Automatic Train ControlRT

ATCO – Association of Transport Co-ordinating OfficesRT

ATM – Amended Timetable ManagerRT

ATO – Automatic Train OperationRT

ATOC – Association of Train Operating CompaniesRT

ATP – Automatic Train ProtectionRT

ATPM – Automatic Train Protection Manual UoS

ATR – (1) Automatic Train Reporting, (2) Automatic Train RegulationUoS

ATS – (1) Automatic Train Supervision, (2) Automatic Train Stop UoS , (3) Applicable Timetable ServiceRT

ATT – Active Tilting TrainRT

ATTA – Automatic Track Top and AlignmentRT

AVACS – Aire VAlley Control SystemRT

AVB – Automatic Vacuum BrakeRT

AVI – Automatic Vehicle IdentificationRT

AWB – Advance Warning BoardRT

AWE – Advance Warning EstimatesRT

AWG – Adhesion Working GroupRT

AWS – (1) Automatic Warning System, (2) Auxiliary Wayside System RT



BAA – British Airports AuthorityRT

BABT – British Approved Board for TelecommunicationsRT

BACS – Bank Automated System RT

BATS – Business Analysis of Train ServicesRT

BBRM – Balfour Beatty Rail Maintenance Limited (formerly SIE)RT

BBRPL – Balfour Beatty Rail Projects LimitedRT

BBRR – Balfour Beatty Rail Renewals RT

BCA – Business Critical Application (IT term)RT

BCC – Banking Control AccountRT

BCWS – Budgeted Cost of Work ScheduledRT

BDM – (1) Business Development Manager, (2) Business Development ManualRT

BH–RAIL – Bull Head RAIL SectionRT

BHX – Bank Holiday eXceptedRT

BIFS – Billing Infrastructure Freight System RT

BMS – Basic Mechanical Signalling RT

BMIS – Business Management Information System

BNC – British National ConnectorUoS

BOP – Booking On PointRT

BP – (1) Brake Pipe , (2) British Petroleum , (3) Business PlanRT

BPA – (1) Business Planning Accountant , (2) Business Planning AnalysisRT

BPM – Business Process ManualRT

BPR – Business Policy Review group: an RTIS bodyRT

BR – (1) (former) British Railways, (2) (former) British RailRailCons

BRASS – British Railways Additional Superannuation SchemeRT

BRB – British Railways BoardRT

BRBS – British Railways Business Systems (former BR equivalent of RTIS)RT

BRENDA – BRidge ENgineer Data, computer system RT

BRG – Business Review GroupRT

BRI – British Rail InternationalRT

BRIMS – British Rail Incident Monitoring SystemRT

BRIS – (former) British Rail Infrastructure ServicesUoS

BRP – Budget Reporting Pack

BRR – (former) British Rail ResearchRT

BRS – Business Route SectionRT

BRSA – British Rail Staff AssociationRT

BRT – British Rail TelecommunicationsRT , now known as RACALUoS

BS – British Standard RT

BSC – Base Station Controller UoS

BS spec – British Standards specification RT

BS&TE – Business Signal & Telecommunications Engineer RT

BSN – Bridge Strike Nominee (see Bridge Bash/Strike) RT

BSP – Bulk Supply PointRT

BSPG – Business Systems Policy Group: an RTIS authorising bodyRT

BST – (1) Basic Signalling Technology,, (2) British Summer TimeRT

BT – Booster TransformerRT

BTA – British Transport AdvertisingRT

BTOG – British Transport Officers’ GuildRT (alternative union for managers and executives)

BTP – British Transport PoliceRT

BZP – Bright Zinc PlatingRT



C&W – Carriage and WagonRT

C/E – Country EndRT

CA – (1) CAble, (2) Commercial Assistant, (3) Cash AccountsRT

CAD – Computer Aided DesignRT

CAG – Contract Approval Group RT

CAHA – Claims Allocation and Handling Agreement ( see also RIDRR) RT

CAMPS – Computer Assisted Maintenance Planning SystemRT

CAMS – Cost Allocation Management SystemRT

CAPE – Train Cancelled (derived from former Telegraph CodeRT)

CAPEX – CAPital EXpenditure – funds spent on fixed assetsRT

CAPM – Capital Asset Pricing ModelRT

CAPP – Confirmed Annual Possession PlanRT

CAPS – Colchester Area Power SuppliesRT

CAR – Corrective Action RequestRT

CARINO – TOPS (Total Operations Processing System) wagon number RT

CARKND – TOPS (Total Operations Processing System) wagon typeRT

CAT – Cable Avoiding ToolRT

CATE – Computer Assisted Train EnquiriesRT

CB – (1) Central Battery, (2) Circuit BreakerUoS

CBCT – Communications Based Train Control UoS

CBI – Confederation of British IndustryRT

CBS – Contract Breakdown StructureRT

CCA – Current Cost AccountingRT

CCF – Control Centre of the FutureRT

CCI – Confirmation of Client's InstructionRT

CCM – Company Control Manager (EWS)RT

CCS – Contract Conditions – SafetyRT

CCSC – Contractor Core Safety Case

CCTV – Closed Circuit TeleVisionRT

CCU – Core Control UnitRT

CD – Close Doors platform indicatorRT

CD ROM – Compact Disc Read Only MemoryRT

CDL – Central Door LockingRT

CDM – (1) The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994, (2) Control Duty ManagerRT

CDMA – Collision Detection Multiple AccessUoS

CDNP – Cheques Drawn Not PresentedRT

CE – Contract EngineerRT

CEDAC – Civil Engineering Design And ConstructionRT

CEDG – Civil Engineering Design GroupRT

CEGB – Central Electrictricity Generating Board (now fragmented into producers and distributors)RT

CENELEC – European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation UoS

CENTRO – Marketing name of West Midlands Passenger Transport ExecutiveRT

CER – Change En RouteRT

CERT – City of Edinburgh Rapid TransportRT

CESM – Civil Engineering Safety ManualRT

CET – Controlled Emission ToiletUoS

CGT – Capital Gains TaxRT

CH – CHiltern Railway CompanyRT

CHALET – Casualties, Hazards, Access, Location, Emergency services and TimeRT

CHAPS – Clearing House Accounts Payable SystemRT

CHIP – Chemicals Hazard Information and Packaging regulationsRT

CI – Contract InstructionRT

CIÉ – Corás Iompair Éireann, holding company of Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail)RailCons

CILT – Centre for Independent Transport Research (London)RT

CIM – rules for international carriage of goodsRT

CIMA – Chartered Institute of Management AccountantsRT

CIMAH – Control of Industrial Major Accident HazardRT

CIMU – Central Infrastructure Maintenance UnitRT

CIP – Core Investment ProgrammeRT

CIS – Customer Information SystemRT

CITB – Construction Industry Training BoardRT

CITDS – Construction Industry Tax Deduction SchemeRT

CLASS 0 TRAINS – Light locomotivesRT

CLASS 1 TRAINS – Express passenger trains, mail trains and some emergency trainsRT

CLASS 2 TRAINS – Stopping passenger trainsRT

CLASS 3 TRAINS – Express parcel trainsRT

CLASS 4 TRAINS – Express freight trains – 75mph maximum speedRT

CLASS 5 TRAINS – Empty coaching stock trainsRT

CLASS 6 TRAINS – Express freight trains – 60mph maximum speedRT

CLASS 7 TRAINS – Freight trains with 45mph maximum speedRT

CLASS 8 TRAINS – Freight trains with 35mph maximum speedand engineers’ trainsRT

CLASS 9 TRAINS – Eurostar trainsRT

CM – Contracts ManagerRT

CMD – Central Materials DepotRT

CMS – Competence Management SystemRT

COA – Chart Of AccountsRT

CoCP – Code of Construction PracticeRT

COI – Confirmation Of verbal InstructionRT

COMPASS – COMbined Performance And Safety SystemRT

CoPA – Control of Pollution Act 1974RT

COS – Client Operating SystemRT

COSHH – Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health 1988RT

COSS – Controller of Site SafetyUoS

COT – Condition Of Track. RT

COTS – Commercial Off The Shelfequipment UoS

COWD – Cost Of Work to DateRT

CPC – Circuit Protective ConductorRT

CPD – (1) Capital Programmes Directorate, (2) Continuing Professional DevelopmentRT

CPMG – Company Performance Management GroupRT

CPMT – Central Project Management Team (WCML)RT

CPMT – Central Project Management Team (WCML)RT

CPO – Compulsory Purchase OrderRT

CPPP – Confirmed Period Possession PlanRT

CPPP – Confirmed Period Possession PlanRT

CPS – Crown Prosecution ServiceRT

CPST – Central Project Sponsor’s Team (WCMLRT

CR – Change RequestRT

CRA – Call Routing ApparatusRT

CRC – Class Representative CommitteeRT

CRE – (1) Contractor’s Responsible Engineer , (2) Conductor Rail EquipmentRT

CRG – (1) Contracts Review Group, (2) Commercial Review GroupRT

CRR – Competition & Regulatory ReviewsRT

CRS – Computerised Reservation SystemRT

CRT – (1) Critical Rail Temperature, (2) Construction Round TableRT

CRUCC – Central Rail Users’ Consultative CommitteeRT

CSA – Cross–Sectional AreaRT

CSAC – Candidate Special Area of Conservation

CSC – (1) (former) Contractor's Safety Case or (former) Connex South CentralRT

CSE – Connex South EasternRT

CSM – (1) Commercial Services Manager , (2) Customer Service ManagerRT

CSR – Cab Secure RadioRT

CT – Central TrainsRT

CTC – Centralised Traffic Control UoS

CTR – Cost Time ResourceRT

CTR1 – Channel Tunnel Route 1 (via Tonbridge)RT

CTR2 – Channel Tunnel Route 2 (via Maidstone)RT

CTR3 – Channel Tunnel Route 3 (via Redhill)RT

CTRL – Channel Tunnel Rail LinkRailCons

CTRU – (former) Central Track Renewals UnitRT

CV – Curriculum VitaeRT

CWM – Carriage Washing MachineRT

CWPR – Company Weekly Performance ReportRT

CWR – Continuously Welded RailRT

CWT – Carlson Wagonlit Travel RT

C2C – Acronym for London Tilbury and Southend lineRailCons



D&C – Design and ConstructionRT

D&D – Design & DevelopmentRT

D&DA – Design and Development AuthorityRT

D&DR – Design & Development ReportRT

D&I – Design & ImplementationRT

D&IA – Design and Implementation Authority (see also DD&I)RT

DAB – Departmental Advice (Blue).RT

DAC – Depot Access ConditionsRT

DAL – Down Avoiding LaneRT

DAPF – Document Amendment Proposal FormRT

DAPP – Draft Annual Possession PlanRT

DART – (1) Digital Advanced Radio for Trains, (2) the coastal metro system in DublinRailCons

DB – Deutsche Bundesbahn, German State RailwaysUoS

DBFO – Design Build Finance Operate (Highways Agency Tender arrangements)RT

DBSO – Driving Brake Second Open (Anglia TOC Push–Pulls)RT

DC – Direct Current RT

DCA – Data Concentrator AppreciationRT

DCF – Discounted Cash FlowRT

DCIO – Deputy Chief Inspecting Officer (or Railways)RT

DCM – Duty Contracts ManagerRT

DCP – (1) Document Control Point, (2) Designated Competent PersonRT

DD – Direct DebitRT

DDA – (1) Disability Discrimination Act, (2) Design & Development AuthorityRT

DDI or DD&I – Design Development and ImplementationRT

DEL – Down Electric LineRT

DEMU – Diesel Electric Multiple UnitRT

DEP – Designated Earth PointRT

DETP – Detailed Engineering Train PlanRT

DETR – Department of the Environment, Transport and the RegionsRT

DFL – Down Fast LineRT

DFO – Depot Facility OwnerRT

DFT – DART Fixed TerminalRT

DG – Dangerous GoodsRT

DGI – Dangerous Goods IncidentRT

DGL – Down Goods LoopRT

DGPS – Differential Global Positioning by Satellite.UoS

DIADS – Diagram Input And Distribution SystemRT

DIRFT – Daventry International RailFreight TerminalRT

DIS – Flexible DIsplay System (IECC replacement for SDS)RT

DLM – Data Link ModuleRT

DLR – Docklands Light RailwayRT

DM – Deutsche Mark(former German Currency) RailCons

DML – (1) Data Manipulation Language , (2) Down Main Line

DMMU – (occasionally) Diesel Mechanical Multiple UnitRT

DMSS – Development Manager, Signalling StrategyRT

DMU – Diesel Multiple UnitRT

DNC – Declared Non–ComplianceRT

DO – Driver OnlyRT

DoE – (former) Department of the EnvironmentRT


DOO – Driver Only OperationRT

DOO(NP) – Driver Only Operation – Non PassengerRT

DOO(P) – Driver Only Operation – PassengerRT

DOP – Driver Only PassengerRT

DOS – Disk Operating SystemRT

DOT – Department Of Transportation (United States) UoS

DoT or DTp – (former) Department of TransportRailCons

DPA – Delegated Procurement AuthorityRT

DPC – (1) Data Protocol Converter , (2) Development Planning Centre , (3) Damp Proof CourseRT

DPI – Dye Penetrant InspectionRT

DPL – (1) Down Platform Line; or , (2) Down Passenger LoopRT

DPM – Development Planning ManagerRT

DPPP – Disabled People's Protection PolicyRT

DPPP – Draft Period Possession PlanRT

DQM – Data Quality ManagerRT

DRA – Driver Reminder ApplianceRT

DRM – Delivery Resource ManagerRT

DRS – Direct Rail Services

DSD – Driver’s Safety DeviceRT

DSE – Display Screen EquipmentRT

DSL – Down Slow LineRT

DSS – Department of Social SecurityRT

DTI – Department of Trade and IndustryRT

DTL – Down Tilbury LoopRT

DTMF – Dual Tone Multi FrequencyRT

DTS – Dynamic Track StabiliserRT

DVT – Driving Van Trailer. RT

DWL – Dynamic Warning LightsRT

DX – Direct eXtract (wall mounted air distribution system)RT


E&G – Edinburgh to Glasgow lineRT

E&M – Earth and MarkRT

E&OD – Engineering and Operations DevelopmentRT

E&P – (1) Electrification and Plant, (2) Engineering and ProductionRT

E,L&N – Early, Late and Night (turns of duty)RT

EA – (1) East Anglia, (2) Electronics AppreciationRT

EAC – Extended Arm ContractRT

EAM – Engineering Access ManagerRT

EAMG – Engineering Access Management GroupRT

EAWA – Electricity at Work ActRT

EAZ – East Anglia ZoneRT

EAZIAL – Easy Access Zonal Infrastructure Asset LogRT

EBS – Emergency Bypass Switch (on rolling stock)RT

EC – European Community (now EU)RT

EC4T – Electric Current for TractionRT

ECC – English China ClaysRT

ECML – East Coast Main LineRT

ECO – Electrical Control OperatorRT

ECR – (1) Electrical Control Room, (2) Evaluation of Change RequestRT

ECRO – Electrical Control Room OperatorRT

ECS – Empty Coaching Stock RT

ECS – Empty Coaching StockRT

ECU – (former) European Currency Unit (now EURO)RT

EDI – Electronic Data InterchangeRT

EDP – (1) Electrification Distribution and PlantRT, (2)Electronic Data ProcessingUoS

EE&CS – Electrical Engineering & Control SystemsRT

EEB – (former) Eastern Electricity BoardRailCons

EEN – Examining Engineer’s Nominee (for bridge strikes)RT

EFC – External Financing ContributionRT

EFE – Electrification Fixed EquipmentRT

EFL – External Financing LimitRT

EFPL – Economical Facing Point LockRT

EFRTC – European Federation of Railway Trackwork ContractorsRT

EG – Executive Grade: old style executive job grading systemRT

EHD – East Ham DepotRT

EI – Electrical InstallationRT

EIA – (1) Electronics Industry Association (standards setting body), (2) Environmental Impact AssessmentRT

EIB – European Investment BankRT

EIP – Examination In PublicRT

EIRENE –European Integrated railways Radio Enhanced NEtworkUoS

ELCB – Earth Leakage Circuit BreakerRT

ELP – East London PartnershipRT

ELR – Engineers Line ReferenceRT

EM – Environmental ManagerRT

EMC – ElectroMagnetic CompatibilityRT

EMGTPA – Equivalent MillionGross Tonnes Per AnnumUoS

EMI – ElectroMagnetic InterferenceRT

EMP – Environmental Management PlanRT

EMS – Environmental Management StatementRT

EMU – (1) Electric Multiple Unit, (2) European Monetary UnionRT

EN – Euro NormRT

ENS – European Night ServicesRT

EOA – End of AuthorityRT

EOTD – End of Train DeviceRT

EP – Electronic PrinciplesRT

EPA – Engineering Publications AssistantRT

EPB – Electro – Pneumatic BrakeUoS

EPD – Engineering & Production DirectorateRT

EPI – Environmental Performance IndicatorRT

EPROM – Erasable Programmable Read Only MemoryRT

EPS – (1) European Passenger Services, renamed Eurostar (UK), (2) Earnings Per ShareRT

EQAP – EQuipment APpreciationRT

ER – Employer’s RepresentativeRT

ERDF – European Regional Development FundRT

EROS – (1) Emergency Restriction Of Speed or (2a) Efficiency by means of the Rationalisation Of Signal boxes and (2b) Early Rationalisation Of SignallingRT

ERTMS – European Railways Traffic Management SystemRT

ES – Engineering SupervisorRT

ESI – Electricity Supply IndustryRT

ESM – Engineering Safety Management (Yellow Book)RT

ESMS – Engineering Safety Management SystemRT

ESR – Emergency Speed RestrictionRT

ESSD – ElectroStatic Sensitive DeviceRT

ETA – Expected Time of ArrivalRT

ETB – Electronic Token BlockRT

ETCS – European Train Control SystemRT

ETD – National Extension Trunk DiallingRT

ETE – Electrical Traction EngineersRT

ETH index – Electric Trains Heating Capacity (on traction rolling stock)RT

ETH – Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)UoS

ETHERNET – Computer cabling systemRT

ETM – Electric Track MaintenanceRT

ETR – Electronic Train Recording. RT

ETRB – Electronic Train Register BookRT

ETRM – Engineering Train Routing MapRT

EU – European UnionRT

EuroSPIN – European Seamless Passenger Information Network

EUCG – End User Computing GroupRT

EUKL – Eurostar (UK) LtdRT

EVA – Ethylene Vinyl AcetateRT

EVR – Early Voluntary RetirementRT

EWD – Each Week DayRT

EWI – Emergency Warning IndicatorRT

EWS – English, Welsh & Scottish Railway Ltd. RT

ExCo – Railtrack Line Executive CommitteeRT

Expotel – hotel accommodation and conference booking agencyRT

EZP – Electro–Zinc PlatingRT



F/B – Foot BridgeRT

F/H – FreeHoldRT

FA – Fixed AssetsRT

FAQ – Frequently Asked QuestionRT

FAST – Federation Against Software Theft RT

FAT – Factory Acceptance TestRT

FB – RAIL – Flat Bottom Rail RT

FBMIS – Finance and Business Management Information System: now known as BMISRT

FC – Financial ControllerRT

FDC – Financial Data ControlRT

FDDB – Fibre Distributed DatabaseRT

FDDI – Fibre Distributed Data InterfaceRT

FDM – Frequency Division MultiplexRT

FE – (1) Finite Elements, (2) Foundation ElectronicsUoS

FFG – Freight Facilities GrantRT

FFT – Functional Fault Tree UoS

FGE – First Great EasternRT

FGW – First Great WesternRT

FIBU – FIfty hertz Booster UnitRT

FIO – For Information OnlyRT

FIRM – Fares Increases Regulation MechanismRT

FLAWS – a computer database of rail flaws RT

FLT – Freight Liner TerminalRT

FM – Frequency Modulation UoS

FMEA – Failure Mode and Effect Analysis UoS

FMECA – Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis UoS

FMES – Fixed & Mobile Equipment SupplyRT

FN – Fault NumberRT

FNW – First North WesternRT

FOC – (1) Freight Operating Company, (2) Fibre Optic Cable, (3) Free Of ChargeRT

FORI – Fibre Optic Route IndicatorRT

FOU – Freight Operating UnitRT

FP – (1) FootPath (level crossing), (2) Flexibility PremiumRT

FPL – Facing Point Lock RT

FPM – Fire Precautions ManagerRT

FR – Feasibility ReportRT

FRA – (1) Federal Railroad Administration (in the USA), (2) Fixed Rate AgreementRT

FRAME – Fault Reporting And Monitoring EquipmentRT

FRED – Financial Reporting Exposure DraftRT

FRP – Field Reporting ProceduresRT

FRS – (1) Financial Reporting Standard, (2) Functional Requirements SpecificationRT+UoS

FS – Feeder StationRT

FS – Fixed Stations (Trackside radio equipment for cab secure radio)UoS

FSG – Financial Statement Generator: a reporting tool within the BMIS systemRT

FSH – Full Screen HeightRT

FTA – (1) Fault Tree AnalysisUoS, (2) Federal Transit Administration (of the DOT, United States) UoS, (3) Freight Transport AssociationRT

FTS – Failure To StopRT

FUG – Freight Up GradeRT

FURNO – Until FURther NOticeRT

FX – Foreign ExchangeRT



G&SW – (former) Glasgow and South West lineRT

GBP – Great Britain PoundRT

GBPRT – Great Britain Passenger Rail TimetableRT

GBV – Gross Book ValueRT

GDI – Graphical Data InterfaceRT

GDP – Gross Domestic ProductRT

GE – (former) Great EasternRT

GENIUS – GEmini for Non Integrating Unit StockRT

GEOGIS – GEOGraphic Information System RT

GER – (former) Great Eastern Railway RT

GF – Ground FrameRT

GIJ – Glued Insulated rail JointRT

GIS – (1) Graphical Information System, (2) Geographic Information SystemRT+UoS

GL – (1) Goods Line, (2) General LedgerRT

GLE – Grant Lyon & EagreRT

GLW – Gross Laden WeightRT

GMPTA – Greater Manchester Passenger Transport AuthorityRT

GMPTE – Greater Manchester Passenger Transport ExecutiveRT

GMT – Greenwich Mean TimeRT

GN – (former) Great Northern Line (Kings Cross to Cambridge via Royston)RT

GNER – Great North Eastern RailwayRT

GNRTS – Greater Nottingham Rapid Transit SystemRT

GOB – Gospel Oak to Barking lineRT

GOL – Government Office for LondonRT

GP – General PurposeRT

GPF – General Protection Fault (in computing)RT

GPL – Ground Position LightRT

GPR – General Purpose Relief (staff)RT

GPRS – General Packet Radio ServiceUoS

GPS – Global Positioning by Satellite systemUoS

GRIP – Guide to Railway Investment Projects UoS

GRN – Goods Received NoteRT

GSM – Global System for Mobile communicationsRT

GSM–R – Global System for Mobile communications for Railways RT+UoS

GSP – Ground Switch PanelRT

GSPP – General Specification for Possession PlanningRT

GTD – Group Tax DepartmentRT

GTO – Gate Turn Off ThyristorUoS

GTRM – GT Railway MaintenanceRT

GUI – Graphical User InterfaceRT

GUV – General Utility VanRT

GW – Great WesternRT

GWH – Great Western HoldingsRT

GWML – Great Western Main LineRT

GWR – (former) Great Western RailwayRailCons

GWT – Great Western TrainsRT

GWUG – Great Western UpGradeRT

GWZ – Great Western ZoneRT



H&S – Health and SafetyRT

H&SE – see HSERT

H/S – Hand SignallerRT

HA – Highways AgencyRT

HABD – Hot Axle Box DetectorRT

HASAW – Health And Safety At Work RT


HAZID – HAZard IDentificationRT

HAZOP – HAZard OPerability studyRT

HAZPAK – training course for drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous substances in packages RT

HCA – Historic Cost AccountingRT

HEP – Head End Power UoS

HEX – Heathrow EXpressRT

HFDG – Human Factors Development GroupRT

HIP – Headquarters Investment PanelRT

HL – (1) High Level, (2) Home LocationRT

HM – Her Majesty’sRT

HMFI – Her Majesty’s Factory InspectorateRT

HMRI – Her Majesty's Railway InspectorateRT

HOBC – High Output Ballast CleanerRT

HOCM – Head of Contract ManagementRT

HOE (HofE) – Head Of EngineeringRT

HOP – Head Of ProjectsRT

HOPO (HoPO) – Head Of Projects OrganisationRT

HOPP – Head Of Property ProjectsRT

HQ – Head QuartersRT

HR – Human ResourcesRT

HRM – Human Resources ManagerRT

HRS – Human Resources System RT

HSC – Health & Safety CommissionRT

HSDR – High Speed Data RingRT

HSE – Health & Safety Executive (UK)RT

HSM – Hand Signal ManRT

HST – High Speed TrainRT

HSTR – High Speed Track RecordingRT

HSTRC – High Speed Track Recording CoachRT

HSTRT – High Speed Track Relaying TinUoS

HSWA – Health and Safety at Work Act 1974RT

HTS – High Tensile SteelRT

HV (hv) – (1) High Voltage, (2) High VisibilityRT

HVAC – Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning UoS

HVI – High Voltage Impulse (Track Circuit type)RT

HW – HardWareRT

HW–Point – Particular type of point with electricmotor driveUoS

Hz – HertzRT



I/L – InterLockingUoS

IA – (i) Implementation Authority, (2) Investment Authority RT

IAMS – Integrated Asset Management SystemRT

IBH – Intermediate Block Home SignalRT

IBIS – Internal Business Invoicing System: a former BR internal trading systemRT

IBJ – Insulated Block JointRT

IC – (1) InterCity, (2) Integrated Circuit, (3) Investment Committee, (4) Investment ControllerRT

ICAEW – Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and WalesRT

ICC – (1) Infrastructure Control Centre, (2) International Convention CentreRT

ICC – Infrastructure Control CentreRT

ICDB – Industry Capacity DataBaseRT

ICE – (1) Institute of Civil Engineers, (2) InterCity Express (Germany)RT

ICM – (1) Infrastructure Contracts Manager, (2) Internal Communications ManagerRT

ICMU – Interference Current Monitoring Unit (on 3 phase train)RT

IDC – (1) Insulation Displacement Connector, (2) Inter Disciplinary CheckRT

IDF – Intermediate Distribution FrameRT

IDMS – Integrated Document Management SystemRT

IDS – Infrastructure Data ServerRT

IDT (ID&T) – Implementation, Development and TrainingRT

IEC – International Electrotechnical CommissionUoS

IECC – Integrated Electronic Control CentreRT

IEE – Institution of Electrical Engineers (Britain)UoS

IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (United States) UoS

IERS – International Environmental Rating SystemRT

IFC – Infrastructure Fault ControlRT

IFS – Independent Function SwitchRT

IGBT – Insulated Gate Bipolar TransistorUoS

IIP – Investors In PeopleRT

ILM – Railtrack Infrastructure Liability ManagerRT

ILWS – Inductive Loop Warning SystemRT

IMACS – Inventory Management Accounting and Control SystemRT

IMC – (1) Infrastructure Maintenance Contractor, (2) Infrastructure Maintenance Company, (3) Infrastructure Maintenance ContractRT

IMC2 – 2nd generation Infrastructure Maintenance ContractRT

IMCO – (former) Infrastructure Maintenance COmpany (obsolete term)UoS

IMDG – International Maritime Dangerous Goods CodeRT

IMechE – Institution of Mechanical EngineersUoS

IMG – Infrastructure Materials GroupRT

IMPACT – Improved Manufacturing Performance Through Active Change and TrainingRT

IMPS – Investment Monitoring and Planning System: the BR predecessor to PIPSRT

IMR – Interlocking Machine RoomRT

IMU – Infrastructure Maintenance UnitRT

INLORS – INner London Orbital Route StrategyRT

IORPS – Integrated Operational Railway Planning SystemRT

IP – Investment ProposalRT

IRJ – Insulated Rail JointRT

IRR – Internal Rate of ReturnRT

IRSE – Institution of Railway Signal EngineersRT

IS – (1) Information Systems, (2) Intermediate SignallingRT

ISAR – Information Systems Activity RequestRT

ISDN – Integrated Services Digital NetworkRT

ISG – Infrastructure Support GroupRT

ISM – IECC System MonitorRT

ISO – International Standards Organisation UoS

ISRS – International Safety Rating SystemRT

ISTP – Intermediate Signalling Technology: PrinciplesRT

ISU – Infrastructure Services UnitRT

IT – Information TechnologyRT

ITE – Institute of Transportation Engineers (United States) UoS

ITPM – IT Process ModelRT

ITS – Infrastructure Testing ServicesRT

ITT – Invitation To TenderRT

ITU – International Telecommunications UnionRT

IVPS – Intermediate Voltage Power Supply UoS

IVS – Infrastructure Video System (being developed by BRBS and Omnicom Eng. Ltd)RT

IZ – Inter Zonal: the transfer of costs between Business Units without cashRT

IZPD – Inter–Zonal Possession DatabaseRT



JCN – (1) Job Cost NumberRT ,, (2) JunCtioNUoS

JCT – Joint Construction Trades RT

JD – Job DescriptionRT

JLE – Jubilee Line ExtensionRT

JN (JC) – JunctionRT

JS1 – basic signalling cable jointing and testingRT

JS2 – advanced signalling cable jointing and testingRT

JSOP – Joint Signing On Point (Cambridge)RT

JTC – Jointless Track CircuitRT



KDC – Key Distribution CentreRT

KE – Kinematic (or kinetic) EnvelopeRT

KPI – Key Performance IndicatorRT

kVA – kiloVolt–AmpereRT


L&B – Land and BuildingsRT

L/H – LeaseholdRT

L/S – (1) Late Start, (2) London SideRT

LA – Local AuthorityRT

LAN – Local Area Network (for computer systems)RT

LAWS – Low Adhesion Warning SystemRT

LB – Line BlockedRT

LC – (1) Level Crossing, (2) locally controlled manned level crossing, (3) Line ClearRT

LCAMS – Low Carbon Austenitic Manganese SteelRT

LCD – Liquid Crystal Display UoS

LCP – Local Control PanelRT

LCR – London and Continental RailwaysRT

LCU – Local Control UnitRT

LD – (1) Light Diesel locomotive, (2) Liquidated DamagesRT

LDDC – (former) London Docklands Development CorporationRT

LDG – List of Dangerous Goods (obsolete)RT

LDT – Long Distance TerminationRT

LE – Light Engine (or Light Electric loco)RT

LEB – London Electricity BoardRT

LEC – (former) London Electricity Contracting LimitedRT

LED – Light Emitting Diode UoS

LEM – Local Estimating ManagerRT

LEU – Lineside Electronic UnitRT

LFB – London Fire Brigade, now London Fire & Civil Defence AuthorityRT

LGV – Ligne Grande Vitesse: French high speed lineUoS

LIFT – London International Freight TerminalRT

LITM – Local IT ManagerRT

LJU – Line Jack UnitRT

LL/H – Long LeaseholdRT

LLPA – Long Lead (Line) Public AddressRT

LMA – Limit of Movement AuthorityUoS

LMD – Light Maintenance Depot (for locos and stock)RT

LN – Leeds NorthernRT

LNE(Z) – London North Eastern (Zone)RT

LOA – Limit of AuthorityRT

LOP – Loss of PowerRT

LOS – Limit Of Shunt indicatorRT

LPA – Local Procurement AgentRT

LPO – Local Process OwnerRT

LPS – Local Policy StatementRT

LRM – Layout Risk ModelRT

LRP – Local Reporting PackRT

LRPC – London Regional Passengers’ CommitteeRT

LRT – Light Rail TransitUoS

LRV – Light Rail Vehicle UoS

LS – (Network Rail) Line Standard RT

LSB – Local Sensor Bus UoS

LSPD – Local Safety Policy DocumentRT

LSS – London Shift SupplementRT

LT – London TransportRT

LTA – (1) London Transport Authority, (2) Lost Time AccidentsRT

LTC – Long Term ChargeRT

LTP – Local Transport PlansRT

LTS – (former) London, Tilbury and Southend, now C2CRailCons

LUL – London Underground LtdRT

LV – (1) LiVerpool Street, (2) Low VoltageRT

LVDT – Linear Variable Differential TransformerRT

LWR – Long Welded RailRT

LWRT – Long Welded Rail Train RT

LX (L/X) – level crossingRT




M&E – Mechanical and ElectricalRT

M&EE – Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (or Engineer)RT

MA – Movement AuthorityRT

MAFF – Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries & FoodRT

MAS – (1) Multiple Aspect Signalling, (2) Management Aspects of Supervision (Signalling & Telecomms)RT

MB – Level crossing with Manually lifting BarriersRT

MBO – Management Buy OutRT

MCB – (1) Miniature Circuit Breaker, (2) Manually Controlled Barrier (of level crossing)RT

MDC – Management Driven ChangeRT

MDF – (1) Main Distribution Frame, (2) Medium Density FibreboardRT

MEAV – Modern Equivalent Asset ValueRT

MEBO – Management and Employee Buy OutRT

MEF – Modern Equivalent FormRT

MEP – Member of European ParliamentRT

MGL – Multiple Groove LockingRT

MGR – Merry–Go–RoundRT

MHSW (MHSAW, MHSWR) – Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, 1992RT

MI – Mechanical Installation PracticesRT

MICC – Management Information Communications Centre (controls BTP operations South of England)RT

Mids – MidlandsRT

MIPS – Million Instructions Per SecondRT

MIS – Management Information SystemRT

MLF – Main Line FreightRT

MLRI – Multi–Lamp Route IndicatorRT

MM – Money MarketRT

MMC – Monopolies and Mergers CommissionRT

MML – Minimum Monetary LimitRT

MOD – Ministry Of DefenceRT

MOS – (1) Mobile Operations Supervisor, (2) Motor Operated SwitchRT

MP – MilePost RT

MPD – Major Projects Division (Thameslink 2000, WCML, Crossrail etc)RT

MPI – Magnetic Particle InspectionRT

MPM – Multi Processor ModuleRT

MPU – Motive Power UnitRT

MPV – Multi Purpose VehicleRT

MRP – (1) Management Reporting Pack, (2) Monthly Reporting PackRT

MRT – Minimum Rail TemperatureRT

MS – Method StatementRT

MSL – Level crossing with Miniature Stop LightsRT

MSP – Measured Shovel PackingRT

MTBF – Mean Time Between FailuresUoS

MTBFF – Mean Time Between Functional FailuresUoS

MTBHE – Mean Time Between Hazardous EventsUoS

MTL – Mersey Travel Ltd. RT

MTP – Mode of Travel Priority RT

MTR – Mass Transit Railway (Singapore)UoS

MTRC – MassTransit Railway Corporation (Hong Kong)UoS

MTRT – Matisa Track Recording TrolleyRT

MTTR – Mean Time To RepairUoS

MTTRS – Mean Time To Restore ServiceUoS

MVB – Multifunctional Vehicle BusUoS

MWL – Level crossing with Miniature red/green Warning LightsRT

MWO – Minor Works OrderRT

MZ – Midland Zone (Lead Zone)RT

MZSA – Midland Zone Sponsors AgentRT



N&VMP – Noise and Vibration Management PlanRT

NAO – National Audit OfficeRT

NAPS – National Accounts Payable System: a former BR systemRT

NASG – National Applications Support GroupRT

NAT – Not Applicable TimetableRT

NATM – New Austrian Tunnelling MethodRT

NBA – National radio network) Base station Alignment RT

NBV – Net Book ValueRT

NCC – National Control CentreRT

NCL – Northern City LineRT

NCR – Non–Conformance ReportRT

NDA – Not Described AlarmRT

NDM – Network Development ManagerRT

NDN – National Data Communications NetworkRT

NDT – Non–Destructive TestingRT

NEBOSH – National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & HealthRT

NEC – National Electrical Code (also known as NFPA 70)UoS

NEG – National Express GroupRT

NEM – National Estimating ManagerRT

NEMA – National Electrical Manufacturers AssociationUoS

NFF – No Fault FoundRT

NFPA – National Fire Prevention AssociationUoS

NG – Normal GradeRT

NI – National InsuranceRT

NIC – National Insurance ContributionsRT

NIR – (1) National Incident Register, (2) Northern Ireland RailwaysRT

NLL – North London Line (North Woolwich–Richmond)RT

NLR – (former) North London RailwaysRT

NMC – Network Management CentreRT

NMCSA – Network Management Centres Sponsor's AgentRT

NMS – Network Management StatementRT

NOL – Notice of LiabilityRT

NPCCS – Non Passenger Carrying Coaching StockRT

NPM – National Procurement ManagerRT

NPMEA – National Planning Manager, Engineering AccessRT

NPO – National Process OwnerRT

NPS – National Payroll SystemRT

NPV – Net Present ValueRT

NPW – Normal Place of WorkRT

NR – Network Rail UoS

NRA – National Rivers AuthorityRT

NRA – National Rail Academy (now RSC) UoS

NRES – National Rail Enquiry ServiceRT

NRG – National Records GroupRT

NRLS – Network Rail Line StandardsRT

NRM – Nominated Responsible ManagerRT

NRN – National Radio NetworkRT

NRNA – National Radio Network AppreciationRT

NRSC – Network Rail railway Safety CaseRT

NRS – National Railway SuppliesRT

NSC – National Supply ContractRT

NSE – (former) Network South EastRailCons

NSKT – No Signaller – Key TokenRT

NSTR – No Signaller – Token RemoteRT

NTBEP – Not To Be Exceeded PriceRT

NTN – National Teleprinter NetworkRT

NTO – National Training OrganisationRT

NTP – North Trans–Pennine routeRT

NTPC – National Transaction Processing Centre: now known as the Shared Services Centre (SSC)RT

NTR – National Track RenewalsRT

NVQ – National Vocational QualificationRT

NWR – Normal Working ResumedRT

NWT – (former) North Western TrainsRT

NWZ – North West ZoneRT

NX – eNtrance – eXit (Signal Box Control Panel)RT



O&I – Operations and Interface

O&M – Operation & Maintenance (manual)RT

O&SPA – Operational and Support hazard AnalysisUoS

O/B – Over BridgeRT

OC – Open CrossingRT

OCB – Oil Circuit BreakerRT

OCC (or Occ) – OccupiedRT

OCL – Operational Communications LinkRT

OCS – (i) Overhead Catenary System, (2) One Control Switch (signalling panel)RT

OCU – Operator’s Control UnitRT

OD (od) – Outside DiameterRT

OE – Outside EdgeRT

OEL – Occupational Exposure LimitRT

OETR – Outline Engineering Train RequirementsRT

OHL – OverHead LineRT

OHLE – OverHead Line EquipmentRT

OHNS – OverHead Line Neutral SectionRT

OJEC – Official Journal of the European CommunityRT

OLC – Occupation Level CrossingRT

OLE – Overhead Line EquipmentRT

OLEAR – Overhead Line Equipment Asset RegisterRT

OLEMI – Overhead Line Equipment Master IndexRT

OOG – Out Of GaugeRT

OOO – Out Of OrderRT

OOU – Out of UseRT

OP – Outside PartyRT

OPEX – OPerating EXpenditureRT

OPM – Operational Planning ManagerRT

OPO – One Person OperationUoS

OPRAF – Office of Passenger RAil FranchisingRT

OPS – Outline Project SpecificationRT

OPU – Operational Planning UnitRT

OPUG – Other Passenger UpgradesRT

ORN – Overlay Radio NetworkRT

OROR – Outside Rules Of the RouteRT

ORR – Office of the Railway Regulator RT

OS – Ordnance SurveyRT

OSG – Operation Safety GroupRT

OSGR – Ordnance Survey Grid ReferenceRT

OSI – Open Systems InterconnectUoS

OTDR – Optical Time Domain ReflectometerRT

OTM – (1) Overhead–Line Traction Maintenance, (2) On–Track MachineRT

OTMR – On Train Monitoring RecorderRT

OTW – One Train WorkingRT



P3 – Primavera Project Planner RT

P – ProgrammeRT

P&C – Points and Crossings: an alternative abbreviation for S&CRT

P&E – Plant and EquipmentRT

P&L – Profit and LossRT

P&M – Plant & MachineryRT

P.Way (P–way) – see Permanent WayRT

PA – (1) Public Address, (2) Personal Assistant or p.a. Per AnnumUoS

PAL – Property Action Line

PABS – Passenger track Access Billing SystemRT

PABX – Private Automatic Branch eXchangeRT

PACS – Public Affairs Correspondence SystemRT

PACT – PAved Concrete Track: also known as slab trackRT

PADS – Parts And Drawing SystemRT

PAF – Project Authority FormRT

PALADIN – Performance And Loading Analysis Database INformationRT

PAM – Product Acceptance ManagerRT

PAMX – PrivAte Manual branch eXchangeRT

PAT – Performance Action TrackingRT

PAX – Private Automatic ExchangeRT

PAYE – Pay As You Earn (i.e. income tax)RT

PBT – Profit Before TaxRT

PBX – Private Automatic Branch eXchangeRT

PC – Personal ComputerRT

PCB – (1) Printed Circuit Board, (2) PolyChlorinated Biphenyl (coolant/insulant for transformers, (3) Petty Cash BookRT

PCM – (1) Project Control Manual, (2) Production Control ManagerRT

PCS&TE – Profit Centre Signal & Telecommunications EngineerRT

PCSE(M) – Profit Centre Signal Engineer (Maintenance)RT

PCSE(W) – Profit Centre Signal Engineer (Works)RT

PCTE – Profit Centre Telecommunications EngineerRT

PCV – Petty Cash VoucherRT

PD – Project DeliveryRT

PDAC – Performance Data Accuracy CodeRT

PDFH – Passenger Demand Forecasting HandbookUoS

PDH – Plesiochronous Digital HierarchyRT

PDM – Project Development ManagerRT

PDMX – Programmable Digital MultiplexerRT

PDP – Personal Development PlanRT

PDS – Project Definition StageRT

PDT – Portable Data TerminalRT

PEARLS – Personnel Enquiries and Administration Recording Local SystemRT

PEARS – Paladin data Extract And Recording SystemRT

PESRCY – PassEnger Service Requirement Compliance Yardstick

PER – Portable (relocatable) Equipment RoomRT

PETS – Public Emergency Telephone SystemRT

PFI – Private Finance InitiativeRT

PFM – (1) Performance Focus Manager , (2) Projects Finance ManagerRT

PFM – Performance Focus ManagerRT

PFPI – Process For Performance ImprovementRT

PH – Professional HeadRT

PHA – Preliminary Hazard AnalysisUoS

Phase 0 – Period of interim and full running of Virgin ATT at existing line speedsRT

Phase 1 – Period of full running on WCML up to speeds of 200kph between 2002 & 2005RT

Phase 2 – Full service after April 2005 up to speeds of 225kphRT

PHIS – Performance Historical Information SystemRT

PIC – Person in ChargeRT

PICOP – Person In Charge Of PossessionRT

PICP – Pollution Incident Control PlanRT

PIDS – Passenger Information Display SystemRT

PIE – Performance Improvement ExecutiveRT

PIMS – Programme Integrated Management System UoS

PIO – Police Incident OfficerRT

PIP – Property Investment PanelRT

PIPS – Packaging and Investment Planning SystemRT

PIXC – Passengers In eXcess of Capacity (bespoke regime applied to commuter services)RT

PLC – Public Limited CompanyRT

PLGS – Position Light Ground SignalRT

PLJI – Position Light Junction IndicatorRT

PLOD – Patrolman's LookOut Device (Trackside staff protection system)RailCons

PLRA – Private Locomotive Registration AgreementRT

PLS – Position Light SignalRT

PLUG – Pride Local User Group RT

PM – (1) Project Manager, (2) Production ManagerRT

PMBX – Private Manual Branch ExchangeRT

PMCS – Project Management Control SystemRT

PMI – Project Manager's InstructionRT

PMT – Project Management TeamRT

PMUX – Panel MUltipleXerRT

PNB – Personal Needs BreakRT

PO – Purchase OrderRT

POA – Payment On AccountRT

POM – Possession Optimisation ManagerRT

POMG – Police Incident OfficeRT

PON – Periodical Operating NoticeRT

PP – Period available for PossessionsRT

PPE – Personal Protective EquipmentRT

PPG – Planning Policy GuidanceRT

PPM – (1) Planned Preventative Maintenance, (2) Panel Processor ModuleRT

PPP – Period Possession PlanRT

PPTC – Powered Plant Training – ChainsawRT

PPTD – Powered Plant Training – Disc Cutter And Class 9 Cutting Of WheelsRT

PRB – Personalised Rule BookRT

PRDC – Princess Royal Distribution Centre (Royal Mail Railnet Hub at Willesden)RT

PRI – Preliminary Routing IndicatorRT

PRIDE – (1) Possession Resource Information DatabasE, (2) Passenger Rail Information Display EquipmentRT

PRIMA – Professional Rail Industry Management AssociationRT

PRM – PRocurement ManagerRT

PROCSYS – Procurement Control RT

PROJEX – PROJect EXpenditure UoS

PROM – Programmable Read Only MemoryRT

PROMISE – Planning and ResOurces MonItoring SystEmRT

PROMPT – PRiority On Managing Performance TrendsRT

PSB – Power Signal BoxRT

PSBR – Public Sector Borrowing RequirementRT

PSM – Performance Strategy ManagerRT

PSN – Packet Switched NetworkRT

PSO – Public Service ObligationRT

PSPP – Particular Specification for Possession Planning RT

PSR – (1) Permanent Speed Restriction, (2) Public Service RequirementRT

PSRG – Project Strategy Review GroupRT

PSTN – Public Switched Telecommunications NetworkRT

PT&R – Promotion Transfer & RedundancyRT

PTA – Passenger Transport AuthorityRT

PTE – Passenger Transport ExecutiveUoS

PTI – Positive Train IdentificationUoS

PTM – Permanent Timetable ManagerRT

PTO – Public Telecommunications OperatorRT

PTS – Personal Track SafetyRT

PTW – Permit To WorkRT

PUG – Passenger Up Grades 1&2 on (WCML)RT

PUWER – Provision and Use of Workplace Equipment Regulations 1992RT

PVC – PolyVinyl ChlorideRT

PW – (1) Permanent Way, (2) Parallel WingRT

Pway – Permanent Way (track, ballast etc)RT

PWI – Permanent Way InstitutionRT

PWM – Pulse Width ModulationUoS

PWMA – Permanent Way Maintenance AssistantRT

PWME – Permanent Way Maintenance EngineerRT

PWRA – Private Wagon owners Registration AgreementRT

PWS – Permanent Way SupervisorRT

PWSS – Permanent Way Section SupervisorRT



QA – Quality AssuranceRT

QAM – Quality Assurance ManagerRT

QRA – Quantified Risk AnalysisRT

QRP – Quarterly Reporting PackRT

QS – Quantity SurveyorRT

QX – Qualifying eXceptions RT



R&PA – Route and Programme AnalystRT

R&R – Rationalisation and ResignallingRT

R(SCW) – Railway (Safety Critical Work) Regulations 1994RT

R/G – level crossing with miniature Red & Green warning lightsRT

R/T – (1) RailTrack (or RT), (2) Right TimeRT

RA – (1) Route Availability, (2) Reporting Accountant, (3) Radio Agency or (4) Right Away platform indicatorRT

RAB – Regulatory Asset BaseRT

RAFS – RAil Freight billing SystemRT

RAI – Right Away IndicatorRT

RAILTEL – RAILway TELephone projectRT

RAM – Random Access MemoryRT

RAMS – Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety

RAP – Remedial Action ProjectRT

RAR – Railtrack Asset RegisterRT

RBC – Radio Block CentreRT

RC – (1) Return ConductorRT, (2) Remotely Controlled (Level Crossing),, (3) Reinforced Concrete, (4) Remote ControlRT+UoS

RCD – Residual Current DeviceRT

RCDO – Railway Crossing Diversion OrderRT

RCE – Regional Civil EngineerRT

RCF – Rolling Contact FatigueUoS

RCH – Railway Convalescent HomeRT

RCI – Railtrack Controlled InfrastructureRT

RCL – Railway Claims LtdRT

RCM(1) – Reliability Centred MaintenanceUoS

RCM(2) – Remote Condition MonitoringUoS

RCM2 – Combination of RCM(1) and RCM(2) UoS

RD – GEC time division multiplex, type RDRT

RDN – Railtrack Director’s NomineeRT

RDO – Relevant Delivery OrganisationRT

RE – Resident EngineerRT

REB – Relocatable Equipment BuildingRT

RED – Railtrack Energy DatabaseRT

REG – Railtrack Executive GroupRT

REN – Ringer Equivalence Number, unit of load for telephone ringersRT

Renlog – infrastructure renewals logRT

REPTA – Railway Employees Privilege Ticket AssociationRT

RES – Rail Express Systems (former parcels and mail train operator, now part of EWS)RailCons

RETB – Radio Electronic Token BlockRT

RF – Radio FrequencyUoS

RfD (RFD) – Railfreight Distribution : now part of EWSRT

REFOS – Running Edge to Face Of StructureRT

RFQ – Request For QuotationRT

RGS – Railway Group StandardRT

RGSP – Railway Group Safety PlanRT

RHA – Road Haulage AssociationRT

RHS – Rectangular Hollow SectionRT

RHT – Railway Heritage TrustRT

RI – Relay InterlockingRT

RIA – Railway Industry AssociationRT

RIAC – Railway Industry Advisory CommitteeRT

RIC – (1) Rail Incident Commander, (2) Regolamento Internazionale Carrozze (Regulations for the international exchange of passenger carriages)UoS

RICA – Regional Independent Commercial Auditor (SRP)RT

RICP – Rail Incident Control PostRT

RID – Regulations governing International carriage of Dangerous goods by railRT

RIDDOR '95 – Reporting of Injuries, Disease and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995RT

RIDRR – Railway Industry Dispute Resolution Rules (see also CAHA)RT

RIFAA – Rail Industry First Aid AssociationRT

RIG – Railway Industry GroupRT

RII – Relay Interlocking InterfaceRT

RIL – Railtrack Insurance LimitedRT

RIO – Rail Incident OfficerRT

RIP – (former) Railtrack Investment PanelRT

RIPM – Railtrack Investment Prioritisation ModelRT

RISC – Reduced Instruction Set ComputerRT

RISSC – Railway Industry Safety Strategy ComitteeRT

RITC – Railway Industry Training CouncilRT

RITS – Rail Infrastructure Transport SystemUoS

RIV – Regolamento Internazionale Vagoni (regulations governing the international exchange of railway freight wagons) UoS

RJIS – Rail Journey Information SystemRT

RL – Relief Line (see also Slow Line)RT

RLE – Rail Link EngineeringUoS

RM – Route ModernisationRT

RMG – Railtrack Management GroupRT

RMPD – Route Modernisation Product DeliveryRT

RMS – Risk Management SystemRT

RMT – National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport WorkersRT

RNA – Railway Notification of Accidents RegulationsRT

RO – Rail OperatorRT

ROA – Right On ArrivalRT

ROAD – Railway jargon for railway lineRT

ROCE – Return On Capital EmployedRT

ROM – (1) Read Only Memory, (2) Regional Operating Manager

ROP – Rules Of the Plan

ROR – Rules of the RouteRT

ROS – Restriction of Speed RT

ROSCO – ROlling Stock leasing COmpanyRT

ROSIN – Railway Open System Interconnection Network (a European Project)UoS

ROTP – Rules Of The PlanRT

ROTR – Rules Of The RouteRT

ROW – Renewal Of WayRT

RPI – (1) Retail Price Index, (2) Revenue Protection InspectorRT

RPL – (formerly) Rail Property Limited: a subsidiary of the British Railways BoardRT

RPM – Route Performance Manager (organisation pre 24/02/97)RT

RPPS – Rail Passenger Partnership SchemeRT

RRI – Route Relay InterlockingRT

RRIP – Route Relay Interlocking ProcessorRT

RRNE – Regional Railways North East, now known as Northern SpiritRT

RRNW – Regional Railways North West, now known as First North WesternRT

RS – (former) Railway Safety RT

RSA – Railway Study AssociationRT

RSAB – Rolling Stock Acceptance BoardRT

RSABGP – RSAB Group which provides support to RSAB and projectsRT

RSAG – Railway Safety Advisory GroupRT

RSBS – Railway Standard Building SpecificationRT

RSC – Railway Safety CaseRT

RSC – Railway Skills Council (Sector Skills Council for the Railway Industry)UoS

RSCI – Real Staff Cost IncreaseRT

RSF – Right Side FailureRT

RSL – Rolling Stock LibraryRT

RSRS – (former) Railtrack Safety Rating SystemRailCons

RSSB – Rail Safety and Standards Board (formerly Railway Safety)RailCons

RSTL – Rail Staff Travel Ltd (RT Travel Facilities: Pensions Management Ltd 1/2/97)RT

RT – (1) Radiographic Testing, (2) RailtrackRT

RT1A – (former) Railtrack Infrastructure Maintenance ContractRT+UuS

RT1B – (former) Railtrack Track Renewal ContractRT+UoS

RTA – Road Traffic AccidentRT

RTAC – (former) RailTrack Access ConditionsRailCons

RTFN – (former) RailTrack Fault NumberRailCons

RTG – (former) RailTrack Group PLCRailCons

RTHQ – (former) RailTrack HeadquartersRailCons

RTIS – (former) RailTrack Information SystemsRailCons

RTLS – (former) RailTrack Line StandardRailCons

RTLs – Road Traffic LightsRT

RTMZ – (former) RailTrack Midlands ZoneRailCons

RTP – Real Time ProtocolsUoS

RTPI – Real Time Passenger Information system (based on Global Positioning by Satellite [GPS] transmissionsRT

RTS – Rapid Transit SystemRT

RTU – Remote Terminal UnitRT

RUCC – Rail Users Consultative Committee(s): formerly the Transport Users’ Consultative Committee(s)RT

RUPP – (former) Road Used as a Public PathUoS



S&C – Switches & CrossingsRT

S&F – Switches & FittingsRT

S&SD –(1) Systems and Safety Department, (2) (former) Railtrack’s Safety and Standards DirectorateRT

S&SM – Safety and Standards ManagerRT

S&T – Signalling and TelecommunicationsRT

S&TE – Signal and Telecommunications EngineerRT

S.L/H – Short LeaseHoldRT

SA – (1) Sponsor’s Agent, (2) Safety Authority, (3) Signalling AssistantRT

SAA – Station Access AgreementRT

SAC – Station Access ConditionsRT

SAE – Society of Automotive EngineersUoS

SAM – Switch Activating MechanismRT

SAP – Safety Assessment PanelRT

SAT –Site Acceptance TestRT

SB – Signal BoxRT

SC – Signalling CentreRT

SCADA – Supervisory Control And Data AcquisitionRT

SCC – (1) Supervisory Control Centre, (2) Supplier Creation Co-ordinatorRT+UoS

Schedule 4 – The possession–planning regimeRT

Schedule 8 – The performance regime with TOCsRT

SCHLID – SCHedule IDentity: TOPS term for a train scheduleRT

SCI – Standard Contract InterpretationRT

SCM – Senior Contracts ManagerRT

Scot (SCOT) – ScotlandRT

SCS – Signalling Control SystemRT

SCU – Signalling Compatibility UnitRT

SCUK – Signalling Controls UK Ltd, now part of Westinghouse Signals LtdRT

SCW – Safety Critical WorkRT

SD – Standard DeviationRT

SDA – (1) Solid state interlocking Data Appreciation, (2) Strategy, Design and Architecture group: an RTIS bodyRT

SDH – Synchronous Digital HierarchyRT

SDR – Simplified Direct ReportingRT

SDS – Signalman's Display SystemRT

SDT – Service Disruption ThresholdRT

SEC – Southern Electric CompanyRT

SEE – Systems Engineering EnvironmentRT

SETA – Signalling Eqipment Technical AgentRT

SFO – Senior Fire OfficerRT

SFO – Station Facility OwnerRT

SFT – Stress Free TemperatureRT

SG – Special GroundRT

SGT – Serco Gauging TrainRT

SHA – Safety Hazard AnalysisUoS

SHRT – South Hampshire Rapid TransitRT

SI – Site InstructionRT

SICA – Signalling Infrastructure Condition AssessmentRT

SIGTAN – SIGnalling equipment Technical Advice NoticeRT

SIGWEN – SIGnalling equipment Workshop Engineering NoticeRT

SIL – Safety Integrity LevelRT

SIMBIDS – SIMplified BI–Directional SignallingRT

SIN – (1) Special Instruction Notice, (2) Special Inspection Notice, (3) Substance Identification Number or (4) Site Instruction NoticeRT

SINAC – Special Inspection Notice Action CompleteRT

SINCS – SIgnalling INCident SystemRT

SINMON – Special Inspection Notice MONitorRT

SIP – Strike–In PointRT

SIPS – (1) Standard Infrastructure Performance System (Civil Engineering equivalent of PEARS), (2) Supplier Performance Monitoring SystemRT

SIS – Staff Information SystemRT

SITS – Security Incident Tracking SystemRT

SIVS – Station Inspector Viewing SystemRT

SLA – Service Level AgreementRT

SLOA – Steam Locomotive Operators AssociationRT

SLU – Standard Length UnitRT

SLW – Single Line WorkingRT

SMA – (1) Statistical Multiplexer Appreciation, (2) Strathclyde Manning Agreement, (3) Signalling Maintenance Assistant, (4) Single Manning AgreementRT

SMART – (1) Signal Monitoring And Reporting to TRUST, (2) Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, TimebasedRT

SME – Signalling Maintenance EngineerRT

SMFD – Systems Management Framework Design RT

SMG – Systems Management GroupRT

SMIC – Site Manager’s Information CompendiumRT

SMIS – Safety Management Information SystemRT

SMOS – Structure Mounted Outdoor SwitchgearRT

SMS – (1) Safety Management Systems, (2) Signal Maintenance StandardRT

SMT – Signalling Maintenance TestingRT

SMTH – Signal Maintenance Tester’s HandbookRT

SNCB – Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Belges: Belgian national railwaysRT

SNCF – Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français: French national railwaysRT

SOCO – Scene Of Crime OfficerRT

SODA – Single Option Development Authority RT

SOWC – Shows Occupied When ClearRT

SP – Single Phase RT

SP&SN – Single Phase and Switched NeutralRT

SPA – Special Protected AreaRT

SPAD – Signal PAssed at DangerRT

SPADMIS – Signal Passed At Danger throughout Information SystemRT

SPADRAM – SPAD Reduction & MitigationRT

SpAg – Sponsors Agent RT

SPC – Senior Production Controller

SPI – Safety Performance Indicator RT

SPM – Senior Project Manager RT

SPOC – Single Point Of Contact RT

SPT – Signal Post TelephoneRT

SPTA – Strathclyde Passenger Transport AuthorityRT

SPV – Special Purpose Vehicle (Project Management)UoS

SPWEE – Safety Procedures for Working on Electrical Equipment RT

SQE – Safety, Quality and Environment RT

SQL – Structured Query Language RT

SR – ScotRail RT

SRA – Strategic Rail Authority RT

SRG – Safety Review GroupRT

SRI – Signalling Restructuring InitiativeRT

SRP – (1) Station Regeneration Programme, (2) System Review Panel, (3) Safety Review Panel, (4) Statutory Reporting PackRT

SRPTA – Technical Advisor nominated by SRP SecretariatRT

SRS – Safety Responsibility StatementRT

SRT – Sectional Running TimeRT

SSA – Station Specific AnnexeRT

SSAP – Statement of Standard Accounting PracticeRT

SSDC – Signalling Systems Direct CurrentRT

SSG – (1) Safety Strategy Group, (2) Standards Steering Group, (3) Systems Strategy Group (for Information Systems projects)RT

SSHA – SubSystem Hazard AnalysisUoS

SSI – Solid State InterlockingRT

SSIC – Solid State Interlocking ControllerRT

SSIDES – Solid State Interlocking DESignRT

SSIDWS – Solid State Interlocking Design WorkstationSRT

SSIHA – SubSystem Interface Hazard AnalysisUoS

SSISIM – Solid State Interlocking SIMulatorRT

SSM – Safety Strategy ManagerRT

SSn–FTA – Subsystem Fault Tree AnalysisUoS

SSO – Special Stop OrderRT

SSP – (1) Signalling Supply PointRT, (2) Standard Signalling PrincipleRT

SSRB – Special Speed Restriction BoardRT

SSSI – Site of Special Scientific InterestRT

SSTD – Solid State Train DescriberRT

STABS – Signalling and Telecommunications Area Budget SystemRT

STAR – Signalling & Telecommunications Asset RegisterRT

STEP – Safety, Teamwork, Excellence, ProfessionalismRT

STN – Special Traffic NoticeRT

STO – Senior Technical OfficerRT

STOPS – Signalling and Telecommunications Outturn Processing SystemRT

STP – Short Term Planning: one–off bids for train paths (see also Spot Bids)RT

SVP – Safety Verification PlanUoS

SW – SoftwareRT

SWA (swa) – Steel Wire Armoured (cable)RT

Swap Body – a system for conveying road freight vehicle bodies on rail vehicles

SWELTRAC – South WEst London TRAnsport ConferenceRT

SWIFT – (i) Structured ‘What IF?’ Technique: a process for assessing level of safety risk RT

SWIMCo – (former) South West Iinfrastructure Maintenance COmpany (now AMEC Rail)RT

SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysisUoS

SWT – South West TrainsRT

SWTH – Signalling Works Testing HandbookRT

SZ – Scotland ZoneRT



T&H – Tottenham & Hampstead (Barking–Gospel Oak Junction)RT

T&RS – Traction & Rolling StockRT

T&V – Tresspass & VandalismRT

TAA – Track Access AgreementRT

TAC – Telecomms Appreciation CourseRT

TADS – Telecommunications Asset Database SystemRT

TAG – Track Access GrantRT

TAN – Track Access NoticeRT

TARDIS – TOPS Ancillary Retrospective Data Information ServiceRT

TB – (1) Tokenless Block, (2) Trial BalanceRT

TBA – To Be AdvisedRT

TBE – To Be EvaluatedRT

TBS – Transmission Based SignallingRT

TBTC – Transmission Based Train ControlUoS

TBW – Temporary Block WorkingRT

TC – Track Circuit RT

TCA – Track Circuit ActuatorRT

TCAID – Track Circuit Actuator Interference DetectorRT

TCB – Track Circuit BlockRT

TCF – Track Circuit FailureRT

TCI – (1) Transportation Consultants International (now part of AEAT–Rail), (2) Track Circuit Interrupter RT

TCM – Time Cycle MaintenanceRT

TCN – Train Communications NetworkUoS

TCOD – Track Circuit Operating DeviceRT

TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol RT

TCS – (1) Traffic Control System, (2) Train Control System, (3) Train Crew Supervisor. RT+UoS

TD – Train DescriberRT

TDA – TRUST Delay AttributionRT

TD–D – Data Course (Training)RT

TDM – Time Division MultiplexRT

TDMA – Time Division Multiple Access protocol UoS

TDMS – Title Deeds Management SystemRT

TD–T – Transmission Course (Training)RT

TE – Zone Telecommunications EngineerRT

TEB – Telephone Enquiry BureauxRT

TEN – Trans–European NetworkRT

TENS – Trans European Network StrategyRT

TESCO – TEchnical Service COmpanyRT

TEU – Twenty Foot or Equivalent Unit (container length)UoS

TFM – Trackside Functional ModuleUoS

TGM – Transport Gateway Metro (services proposed for the Woolwich Rail Tunnel)RT

TGV – Train á Grande Vitesse: French high speed trainUoS

TIC – (1) Technical Investigation Centre , (2) Track Inspection Coach , (3) Tester In ChargeRT

TID – Track IDentityRT

TIIS – Train Infrastructure Interface SpecificationRT

TIMI – TelecommunIcations Maintenance InstructionRT

TIPS – Telecommunications Installation and Procurement ServiceRT

TIR – Transports Internationaux RoutiersRT

TIS – (1) Traction Interlock Switch , (2) Traction Isolation Switch, (3) Train Information System (4) Track Isolating SwitchRT

TL – Through LineRT

TL2000 – ThamesLink 2000RT

TLC – Telephone protection only Level CrossingUoS

TMD – (1) Traction Maintenance Depot, (2) Train Mass DetectorsRT

TMO – Train crew Manually OperatedRT

TMP – Traffic Management PlanRT

TMS – Traffic Management SystemRT

TNA – Training Needs Analysis (interviews conducted by BMIS team)RT

TNM – Train Network ManagementUoS

TO – (1) Team Organiser, (2) Technical OfficerRT

TOC – (1) Train Operating CompanyRT(2) Test On CompletionRT

TOHD – TOPS Operations Help DeskRT

TOL – Train On LineRT

TOOS – Taken Out Of ServiceRT

TOPS – Total Operations Processing SystemRT

TORR – Train Operated Route ReleaseRT

TORUS – TransportOperations Rapid Update System

TOU – Train Operating UnitRT

TOWS – Train Operated Warning SystemRT

TP&SN – Three Phase and Switched Neutral: type of low voltage switch gearRT

TPC – (1) Train Performance Calculator , (2) Trackside Processing CentreRT

TPO – Travelling Post OfficeRT

TPPP – Transport Policies and Programme Package (Central Government funding)RT

TPS – Traction Power SupplyRT

TPT – Train Positioning and TrackingRT

TPWS – Train Protection and Warning SystemRT

TPWS+ – Train Protection and Warning System Plus for operation at speeds above 70mphUoS

TPWS–E – Train Protection and Warning System based on Euro–balise technologyUoS

TPWSSA – Train Protection Warning System Sponsor's AgentRT

TQ – Technical QueryRT

TQSUM – Track Quality SUMmaryRT

TRACA – TRAck Condition AssessmentRT

TRAMM – Track Renewal And Maintenance MachineRT

TRB – (1) Train Recording Book, (2) Transportation Research Board (United States)RT

TRC – (1) Track Renewals CompanyRT, (2) Track Recording CoachRT

TRE – Track Recording EngineerRT

TRS – Train Ready to StartRT

TRS – Train Reporting SystemRT

TRTS – Train Ready To Start indicatorRT

TRU –(1) Track Recording Unit, (2)Track Renewal UnitRT)

TRUST – Train RUnning Systems on TOPSRT

TRV – Track Recording VehicleRT

TS&I – Technical Services and InnovationRT

TSC – (1) Track Section CabinRT, (2) Train Service CodeRT

TSDB – Train Service Data BaseRT

TSR – Temporary Speed RestrictionRT

TSSA – Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (a union for salaried staff)RT

TSSU – Time Slot Sharing UnitRT

TT – Time TableRT

TTP – Time Table ProcessorRT

TUPE – Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment Regulations 1981)RT

TVM – Transmission Voice Machine, French ATP systemUoS

TWA – Transport & Works ActRT

TWE – Track Welding EngineerRT

TWO – Transport and Works OrderRT



UB – (1) UnderBridge , (2) Universal BeamRT

UEL – Up Electric LaneRT

UFL – Up Fast LineRT

UFN – Until Further NoticeRT

UGL – Up Goods Line or Up Goods LoopRT

UIC – Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer(international union of railways)UoS

UM (UML) – Up Main (Line)RT

UPL – Up Platform Line or Up Passenger LoopRT

UPS – Uninterruptible Power SupplyRT

UPWSF – UnProtected Wrong Side FailureRT

URFD – Ultrasonic Rail Flaw DetectionRT

URFDO – Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detector OperatorRT

URL – Up Relief LineRT

USL – Up Slow LineRT

UT – Ultrasonic TestingRT

UTU – Ultrasonic Test UnitRT

UTX – Under Track CrossingRT

UWC – User Worked CrossingRT

UWG – public road crossing with User Worked GatesRT

UWSF – Unprotected Wrong Side FailureRT

UWTF – Unprotected Wrongside Telecommunications FailureRT



VAB – Vehicle Acceptance BoardRT

VAT – Value Added TaxRT

VATT – Virgin Active Tilt Trains RT

VCB – Vacuum Circuit BreakerRT

VCC – Virgin Cross CountryRT

VDP – Vertical Design PackageRT

VDU – Visual Display Unit for computersRT

VLR – Visitors Location RegisterUoS

VM – Value ManagementRT

VNCAB – Vehicle and Network Change Approvals BoardRT

VO – Variation OrderRT

VOBC – Vehicle OnBoard ControlUoS

VPF (VOPF) – Value of Preventing a Fatality criterionRT

VPI – Vital Processor InterlockingUoS

VRAC – Vehicle and Route Acceptance ContractRT

VRG – Virgin Rail GroupRT

VSTP – Very Short Term PlanRT

VT – Virgin TrainsRT

VWC – Virgin West CoastRT



W – WattRT

W/m – Watt per MetreRT

W/S – Work StationRT

WA – West Anglia LinesRT (Liverpool Street to Cambridge & Local Branches)

WACC – Weighted Average Cost of CapitalRT

WAGN – West Anglia Great NorthernRT

WAN – Wide Area NetworkRT

WARC – West Anglia Route ControllerRT

WARM – West Anglia Route ModernisationRT

WARP – West Coast Advanced Recovery Reliability ProgrammeRT

WBS – Work Breakdown StructureRT

WCML – West Coast Main LineRT

WCML RM – West Coast Main Line Route ModernisationRT

WCRM – West Coast Route ModernisationRT

WEN – Weekly Engineering NoticeRT

WESTRACE – WESTinghouse Radio Advance Control EquipmentRT

WI – (1) Warning Indicator, (2) Work InstructionRT

WILD – Wheel Impact Load DetectorRT

WIP – Works In ProgressRT

WLL – West London LineRT

WMP – Waste Management PlanRT

WMPTA – West Midlands Passenger Transport AuthorityRT

WMPTE – West Midlands Passenger Transport ExecutiveRT

WON – Weekly Operating NoticeRT

WR SSTD – Western Region Solid State Train DescriberRT

WSF – (1) Wrong Side Failure, (2) Wrong side Signalling FailureRT

WSL – Westinghouse Signals LtdRT

WSO – Work Station OperatorRT

WSP – Wheel Slip ProtectionRT

WTB – Wire Train BusUoS

WTF – Wrong side Telecommunications FailureRT

WTT – Working Time TableRT

WW – Wales and West Passenger TrainsRT

WWW – World Wide WebRT

WYPTA – West Yorkshire Passenger Transport AuthorityRT

WYPTE – West Yorkshire Passenger Transport ExecutiveRT

WYSIWYG What You See Is What You GetRT



XLPE – cross–linked polyethylene



YB2 – Yellow Book issue 2 (ESM)RT

YTD – Year To DateRT



ZCAM – Zonal Corporate Affairs ManagerRT

ZCRG – Zonal Commercial Review GroupRT

ZD – Zone DirectorRT

ZEPE – Zone Electrical and Plant EngineerRT

ZFC – Zone Freight ControllerRT

ZIAR – Zone Infrastructure Asset RegisterRT

ZIP – Zone Investment PanelRT

ZOC – Zone Operational ControlRT

ZPAM – Zonal Public Affairs ManagerRT

ZPUG – Zonal Possession User GroupRT

ZTE – Zone Telecommunications Engineer RT